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/ / / / 25-Gallon Sprayer

100 L (25 US gal.) Sprayer


  • Sprayer is held in place with the end gate support frame
  • Large threaded cap makes fill-up easy
  • A built-in sump is provided to completely clean out the spray material

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    100 L (25 US gal.) Sprayer Sprayers, Pressure Washers

    100 L (25 US gal.) Sprayer

    This 100 L (25 US gal.) sprayer is compatible with all Steel Bed and Deluxe Cargo Bed Gators. Comes complete with a 110 cm (43 in.) boom that sprays a 3 m (120 in.) swathe, along with a 5.8 m (19 ft.) hose and a spray wand for spot spraying.

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