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/ / / / 46-inch Front Blade

46 in. Front Blade


  • Bolt-on, replaceable cutting edge
  • Curved blade for greater capacity
  • Angle left, right or straight-ahead up to 16.5 cm above ground
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    46 in. Front Blade - Blades Brooms & Shovels


    117 cm (46 in.) Front Blade

    Excellent for pushing loose material as the blade surface is curved to roll rather than push material.  This requires less power and increased blade capacity.


    • Bolt-on, replaceable cutting edge to greatly extend the useful life of the blade..
    • Operator equipment for controlling it from the tractor seat.
    • Blade can be angled left, right, or used in the straight-ahead position.
    • The 117 cm (46 in.) blade can be operated up to 16.5 cm (6.5 in.) above ground level.
    • Floating action is designed into the lift linkage, so the blade is free to follow the contour of the ground.


    Compatible Equipment: 
    • 102, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155C, and 190C Tractors
    • L100, L108, L110, L111, L118, L120, and L130 Lawn Tractors, and G110 Garden Tractor
    • LA100, LA110, LA120, LA130, LA140, and LA150 Tractors
    • LA105, LA115, LA125, LA135 Limited Edition, LA135 Special Edition, LA145, LA155, LA165, and LA175 Tractors
    • D100, D105, D110, D120, D125, D130, D140, D150, D160, and D170 Tractors

    • Requires rear ballast and tire chains.
    • Overall width: 117 cm (46 in.)
    • Overall height: 36 cm (14 in.)
    • Clearing width: 117 cm (46 in.)
    • Angling positions: Three
    • Lift height: 17 cm (6.5 in.)
    • Net weight: 33.1 kg (73 lb.)

    Accessories & Attachments