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40 in. Thatcherator


  • Compatible with all John Deere Ride-on Mowers
  • Versatile unit - aerates and de-thatches your lawn
  • 20 heat-treated tynes for scarifying the lawn to remove any dead material
  • 3-position handle so the aggressiveness of the tynes can be altered
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    40 in. Thatcherator Lawn Care


    The 102 cm (40 in.) Thatcherator is a versatile tool for aeration, dethatching or preparing an area for new seed. The attachment features twenty spring-loaded tynes for which the tension can be adjusted to suit your needs. Also 20 cm (8 in.) extensions are available to increase the amount of ground covered. The Thatcherator is compatible with all John Deere Ride-on mowers making it the perfect addition to your garden equipment range.



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