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Features & Specs

  • Up to 4-inch coring depth
  • Flexi-link supporting arm
  • Lightweight design
  • Drive tyre core deflectors
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Engine25 hp* (18.6 kW)
Transmission3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)
Machine Coring31.5-in (80 cm)
Productivity11,025 sq ft/h
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    800 Aerators


    Set the pace for better productivity.

    Bring on the large greens and tees. With the changes we've made to the walk-behind Aercore 800 Aerators, you'll be getting more done in less time. With a 25-hp* engine, the Aercore 800 delivers increased power to the coring head and traction drive systems. It also allows for lower engine rpms on entry and exit, increasing hole quality.You'll also notice the Aercore 800 come standard with sports turf drive tyre core deflectors. They displace cores that are in the path of the drive tyres, allowing for easier clean-up. And a new electro hydraulic lift lower system cuts the time to lift and lower the coring head in half, greatly improving entry and exit hole quality. The Aercore 800 still delivers the high productivity and hole quality this line is known for, thanks to the patented "flexi-link" mounting design.







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