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Features & Specs

  • Powerful and efficient
  • Strong and accurate harvester heads
  • Harvester boom CH9
  • Comfortable working environment
Twin pump
210 and 180 cm3
Boom reach8,6/10/11 m
Max. power190 kW
Harvester headsH415, H480C, H270 Series II and H290



The 1470G is John Deere’s biggest harvester model. In terms of technology, the 1470G is virtually the same as the 1270G, but it has the bigger CH9 boom and the different front frame it requires, as well as bigger tyres and bogie axles. The boom's slewing cylinders have been positioned parallel to the harvester's frame, thus improving the hosing and cabling. This also brings better forward visibility and minimizes wear and tear. The boom's path and speed is excellent, and the boom works effortlessly also when fully extended.

The 1470G's new control modules increase the power and precision of the base machine's control system. The twin-pump hydraulic system ensures that simultaneous operation of the harvester head and the boom is smooth.

The John Deere H415 harvester head is an efficient combination with the John Deere 1470G harvester and CH9 boom. The H415 harvester head grips trunks firmly, and the power and precision of the CH9 boom make for fast and efficient work.

TimberMatic H-16 for G-Series harvesters is a reliable and easy-to-use control system that makes everyday work tasks more manageable. The control system covers measuring and cutting functions and base machine control. The configurable user interface, shortcut keys for frequently used settings, the operator-specific setting and the interactive menus make logging faster and easier.

John Deere ForestSight service solutions maintain the reliability of the machine and ensure high productivity. Our comprehensive service network brings maintenance and spare part services as well as the expertise of technical support close to our customers.

The G-Series is more than a machine.
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CH9 boom

CH9 boom


The CH9 boom boosts the effectiveness of the 1470G harvester to create something extremely powerful and productive. The excellent stability of the basic machine enables the full capacity of the boom to be used even at maximum reach. The CH9 boom is available in three reach options: 8.6 m, 10 m and 11 m.


The structural solution of the CH9 boom is new: the turning cylinders are mounted in parallel to the harvester body which improves the layout of cables and hoses, forward visibility is improved, wear and tear is minimised and the new location of the valve assembly gives improved access for maintenance and measurement.


The look and feel of the CH9 boom is superb: Controlling the powerful CH9 boom is easy and accurate and, because the boom tip movements are faster and smoother, it feels stronger than the previous model adding to the pleasant user experience. The tilt angle at the front is increased to improve performance on steep slopes.

The turning cylinders on the CH9 are powerful and strong, movements are easy to control and the overall user experience is excellent. The lifting torque is 225 kNm and the net lifting capacity at 10 meters 1,700 kg. Structurally, the loader is robust and simple which means more reliable processing of large trunks.

"The boom is consistently strong for the duration of the movement. It’s strong enough to carry the H415 grapple without any problems – even when fully extended.
Jarko Kylliäinen, Finland- Jarko KylliäinenKoneurakointi Kylliäinen Oy, Finland

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