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595 Backhoe

Features & Specs

  • Full 180-degree swing
  • Quik-Tatch™ mounting
  • Heavy-duty buckets
  • Convenient and easy operation
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Loading Height (bucket at 60 degrees)2.4 m (8 ft. 2 in.)
Bucket Rotation180 degrees
Reach from centre line of swing pivot3.9 m (12 ft. 11 in.)
Swing Arc180 degrees

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    595 Backhoe


    Performance and versatility for utility tractor owners

    The John Deere 595 Backhoe easily mounts to your tractor to provide easy and convenient operation, superior digging force and depth, and excellent productivity. It is a versatile solution for commercial contractors, governmental agencies, and large-property owners.


    Note: The 595 backhoe is only compatible with 5M Series Tractors (not compatible with HiCrop or Low Profile configurations).





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