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Carry-All Scrapers

In the earthmoving business, customers need rugged, reliable construction-grade equipment on which they can depend. John Deere scrapers are built with the construction customer in mind. Using heavy-duty reinforced components and high-grade steel, our scrapers are made to deliver rock-solid dependability, industry-leading uptime, and superior productivity.


John Deere scrapers are built to lower maintenance costs, maximize productivity, and save money. John Deere scrapers are manufactured in the United States using advanced machine tools, robotic welding, and a highly skilled workforce to help ensure its quality and durability. Each scraper model is designed to withstand the forces encountered when pulled by tractors with over 575 PTO hp. John Deere scrapers come standard with a six-month warranty, with the option to extend the warranty for two to three years from the purchase date.


John Deere offers a wide variety of factory and field scraper options for every application. From precision land leveling to heavy commercial excavation, John Deere answers the call. One or more of these options can be combined to configure a scraper system perfect for even the most unique conditions.


Carry-All Scraper Features:

  • The standard front cast hitch is made for durability. But it’s also designed for ease of use, as it works ideally with the Quick-Attach drawbar.
  • Hydraulic fluid flows through 19mm (¾ in.) thick hoses and zinc-coated steel lines that resist corrosion and damage.
  • The scraper tongue and front cross members are made of heavy-duty steel square tubing.
  • Construction-grade, heat-treated, cast-iron router bits feature two sets of mounting holes. Once the bits wear to the imprinted indicator, simply lower them for a second life.
  • Both front and rear overflow guards help keep dirt in the bucket, reduce spill-over, and protect components such as the gate cylinder and hydraulic hoses.
  • For the ultimate in precision and consistency with GPS systems such as Surface Water Pro™ Plus or the iGrade™ system, the StarFire™ 3000 Receiver now is positioned right on the scraper.
  • All hydraulic cylinders on the Carry-alls are made for durability and quick response times.
  • An optional rear hitch lets you attach another scraper for tandem- or triple-scraper operations.
  • A range of sizes – The carry-all scrapers come in four sizes to match your operation and budget, to include the 1510C, 1810C, 1812C, 1814C and 2112C.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.