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6R Series Row-Crop

Meet the 6R Series

Comfort and power come together … more power, better results.


  • Closeup of the 6R Series tractor's PowerTech engine

    PowerTech™ engines for productivity and performance

    John Deere PowerTech engines are known for their performance … excellent throttle response, fuel economy and low cost-of-operation come standard. Combine that with a power bulge that responds instantly to changing power requirements, and an Intelligent Power Management System that can give you a boost of up to 30 kW (40 hp) when you need it, and you’ll put the stamp of authority on whatever job you’ve got.

    • 6R Series tractor with attachment driving down a road

      The right gear for the job

      Each 6R Series Tractor comes with the John Deere AutoQuad™ PLUS 20-speed transmission with a 40 km/h (26 mph) top speed. Order the AutoQuad PLUS or IVT™ (Infinitely Variable Transmission) with the 50 km/h (31 mph) option and you can fly from paddock to paddock.

      • Closeup of the 6R Series Tractor's transmission selection tools in the cab

        Gear up with Direct Drive

        If you like the convenience of an infinitely variable transmission and the efficiency of an all-mechanical system, check out the DirectDrive transmission. Just select one of three ranges, and you’re all automatic after that. Or take control by slipping the shift lever to Manual mode.

        • Rear view of the 6R Series Tractor with attachment in a grassy field

          Lift the heaviest rear loads

          With available hitch lift capacities up to 5,439 kg (11,990 lb.) and the optional 445 mm (1¾ in.) PTO, the 6R Series can handle a huge variety of rear implements. And with the newly designed hydraulic stack, seeing your hitch and drawbar is just a quick glance rearward. Add the optional CommandARM and you’ll have 37.5 degrees of right-hand seat swivel to make watching what’s happening behind you even easier.

          • Overhead view of a 6R Series Tractor with loader attachment lifting two hay bales

            The ultimate hired hand

            Every 6R Series tractor is compatible with the John Deere R Series Loaders, giving you concealed oil lines and repositioned torque tubes for outstanding visibility, along with time-saving available features like Return-To-Position.

            • 6R Series tractor lifting a load into a cart

              High-capacity hydraulics for high-demand jobs

              With up to 155 L/min (41 gpm) hydraulic flow (6175R – 6215R), you’ll get superior implement performance, faster loader cycle times, and enhanced steering response.

              Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.