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Display and CommandARM™ Simulator

This simulator includes Generation 4 CommandCenter™, GS3 2630, GS3 CommandCenter™, and GS2 1800 displays.  Refer to the help guide for a list of included machines and implements.

What's New in Version 2.12, January 2017

  • GreenStar Rate Controller - available option when selecting air seeder, blockage, planter, sprayer, or rate controller.
  • Active Implement Guidance - available option when selecting planter or rate controller implements. NOTE: iGrade settings can be accessed through Active Implement Guidance.
  • Combine simulation now includes all languages
  • Several miscellaneous improvements
When to use Online versus Offline Simulator



 No internet connection available. Check Mark

 Want to run Gen 4 CommandCenter™

Check Mark

 Microsoft Windows® 8 or 10 Computer.

Check Mark

 Need to save settings and import / export data.

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Run Display and CommandARM™ Simulator Online

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, and 10 (32 & 64-bit)
  • 2 Mbps internet connection recommended. Simulator only uses about 0.2 Mbps after startup.

Install this application to connect to the simulator online.
Download Now
Size < 1 MB

Download Simulator to use Offline

  • Only compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7
  • Register after installation to use more than 5 times
  • Gen 4 CommandCenter™ simulation is no longer available to download for use with offline simulator, due to technical and usability considerations. Gen 4 CommandCenter™ simulation is now only available online.
Offline-Installation and Help Guide

Install this application to use the simulator offline.

Download Now   Version 2.12.4, January 2017
Size > 200 MB

Please submit comments and questions at www.JohnDeere.com/amscontact.