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Dual V Guide Belt Grass mulch GIF

Dual V Guide Belt

4th Header Height Sensor 4th Header Height Sensor

4th Header Height Sensor

Top Cross Auger Mulch mode GIF

18" Top Cross Auger

Make Better Decisions

Introducing the new Bale Mobile App

With the Bale Mobile App, you get real-time yield mapping, bale documentation, geo-tagging for retrieval, bale monitoring and data transfer to MyJohnDeere.com. Easy to use, the Bale Mobile App is designed to help you make better management decisions.

New John Deere R4060 Sprayer gives you even more tank capacity

The 258 kW (346 hp) R4060 Sprayer has a 6,057 L (1,600 gal.), 304 grade stainless-steel solution tank that has been designed for growers and custom applicators who seek a highly productive sprayer. Delivering value through machine performance such as a smooth ride, boom size options of up to 40.2 m (132 ft.), and integrated technologies like the optional BoomTrac™ Pro system and JDLink™ telematics system.

Ground Control

New John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow: A finely tuned battle axe

The new 2430 Chisel Plow excels in tough ground and high residue, boasting a 10x10 cm (4x4 in.) steel frame and tandem Walk-Over™ wheels and a hydraulically adjusted knife-edge rolling basket to leave a level seedbed. The new internal basket scraper is ideal for sticky conditions and TruSet™ technology gives you in-cab control of shank depth and rolling basket down pressure.