Collage of John Deere tractor air seeding in a field and farmer entering combine.


John Deere tractor seeding field and in-cab view of G5Plus CommandCenter and combine harvesting wheat.

Ready for more precision.

John Deere Precision Ag Technology helps you get more out of your operation. Our tools and technologies allow you to work with more accuracy, reduce input costs, and improve productivity.

In-cab view of G5<sup>Plus</sup> CommandCenter looking on tilled land.

Powerful technology

From our G5Plus display to automated functions and an integrated StarFire™ 7500 receiver, our 9RX Tractors give you power under the hood and data at your fingertips.

Photo of a John Deere S7 Combine harvesting wheat with a draper head. It also shows graphics that simulate the front, stereo cameras measuring crop height and volume as part of the Predictive Ground Speed Automation technology.

Harvest your data

We packed the S7 Combine with smart guidance and automation tools to increase productivity and decrease stress. And we gave it improved grain loss sensing and an improved residue management system.

Photo of the stainless-steel electric meters in a John Deere C-Series air cart.

Calibrated for confidence

Ensure accuracy and efficiency with our C-Series Air Carts, now with durable stainless-steel electrically controlled meters that allow for higher fidelity prescriptions, Curve Compensation and SectionCommand™ Pro.

John&nbsp;Deere tractor pulling a Air Hoe Drill and C-Series seeding cart. Detail photo of John&nbsp;Deere tracks and in-cab view of wheat crop being harvested.

Ready for the work.

John Deere agricultural equipment is built to get the job done. But we know it takes more than muscle. Which is why we add features that give you comfort and convenience, helping you make short work of even the longest days.

In-cab photo of a young farmer operating a John&nbsp;Deere 9RX tractor. You can see before him a G5Plus Display, a G5<sup>Plus</sup> Extended Monitor and a large right side window.

See the difference

Multiple cab options, a refined suspension and excellent visibility give you the confidence to run high-horsepower 9RX models even at higher speeds.

In-cab photo of a young farmer operating a John&nbsp;Deere S7 Combine in corn. You can see before them a G5<sup>Plus</sup> Display, a New Generation Primary Corner Display and a G5<sup>Plus</sup> Extended Monitor.

Take a load off

Quieter than previous models, with improved visibility, this new cab gives you all-day comfort for all-day work.

hand with pointer finger navigating touch-screen in a tractor cab

More work, less labour

Our C-Series Air Carts feature automated in-cab calibrations, saving time and eliminating manual seeding tasks. They're a true plug-and-play solution.

Front view of the 9RX 830 tractor grill next to an image of the S7 Combine harvesting wheat and a detailed image of soy beans.

Ready for your operation.

Built from the ground up to handle the demands of your operations. Whether it's torque, power or speed, we worked with farmers just like you to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Exterior of a farmer climbing into a John&nbsp;Deere 9RX tractor.

Ready to run

The JD18 engine offers up to 830 horsepower, a max torque of 4234 Nm (3,123 lbs./ft.) and is specifically designed for ag applications. The JD18 engine meets emissions standards using only diesel fuel, letting you eliminate 3,028 litres (800 gallons) of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) per year1. That's saving fourteen 208-litre (55-gallon) drums of DEF each year.

Photo of the front of a John&nbsp;Deere S7 Combine harvesting wheat with a draper head.

Ready for more bushels

Built for ag work in the toughest conditions. The turbo-charged, 13.6 L (830 cu in.) power plant not only gives you maximum-rated power at lower engine RPM, but it also boosts maximum torque by up to 10%2. More efficiency. More productivity. Less fuel. That's what we call smart power.

Photo of a farmer pouring seeds into the EZCal measurement system.

Know your flow

Save steps and time without climbing stairs and crawling under the cart with a new industry exclusive method of calibrating. With a push of a button EZCal™ automatically calculates and sends the Meter Displacement Value (MDV) to the cab eliminating user error. This lets you calibrate 75% faster3 than previous models.

1Calculations based off DEF consumption from Nebraska Test Data of a Steiger 620 QuadTrac running at 1900 RPMs in 6th gear for 300 hours.
2Requires ProDrive™
3Based off internal testing of a current production bag calibration on a 1910 air cart taking 10 minutes to calibrate compared to a EZCal-equipped air cart taking 2 minutes and 15 seconds.