9RX 710, 770 & 830 Productivity

Power & Productivity

Handle the toughest jobs and widest implements with the additional horsepower and ballast of the high-horsepower 9RX models, putting more power to the ground.

9RX pulling air seeder

John Deere JD18 (18L) Engine

The JD18 engine offers up to 830 horsepower, a max torque of 4234 Nm (3,123 lbs./ft.) and is specifically designed for ag applications. The JD18 engine meets emissions standards using only diesel fuel, letting you eliminate 3,028-litres (800 gallons) of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) per year*. That’s saving fourteen 208-litres (55-gallon) drums of DEF each year. 

*Calculations based off DEF consumption from Nebraska Test Data of a Steiger 620 QuadTrac running at 1900 RPMs in 6th gear for 300 hours.

In-cab shot of 9RX in field

e21™ PowerShift with Efficiency Manager™

Get to your desired speed with smooth and responsive shifts thanks to the new e21 PowerShift transmission. This 21-speed transmission was designed to handle the increased power of these high-horsepower 9RX models.

SCVs on 9RX 830

Hydraulic Intelligent Power Management

Add an additional 40 hp with Hydraulic Intelligent Power Management.

Closeup of hood on 9RX 830

Reversible Fan

The optional reversible fan clears debris from the radiator so you can keep running in conditions with heavy residue.