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Harvesting to the power of X

Something big is coming

See your local dealer or view our press release for more information on progress for Harvest 2021 and beyond.

Wet corn. Tough straw. Staring down less-than-ideal harvest conditions as go time approaches. We’ve all been there. You have a tight harvest window and an even tighter profit margin. You need more productivity and low losses. You need a combine that can get as much done in a day as you need it to — day in and day out, season after season.

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Greater capacity

If you need more harvesting capacity in wheat, canola or high-moisture corn, then you need the X9 Combine. The X9 delivers substantially greater capacity with improved fuel efficiency.* How? We made the inside wider, while keeping the outside width the same as the S790.

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A complete lineup

The X9 is an addition to our combine lineup. The S700 Series is not going away. The X9 is specifically designed for large-acre farmers who need more harvesting capacity. For the majority of farmers, an S700 combine is still the best choice.

Combine Advisor™

The Combine Advisor package, available on both the X-Series and S-Series Combines, includes seven automation technologies that let you maintain the performance settings you choose, regardless of crop conditions. This package uses the ActiveVision™ cameras on the clean grain and tailings elevators to automatically calibrate the rotor speed, concave clearance, chaffer and sieve opening, and fan speed.

Operations Center

The John Deere Operations Center mobile app* allows you to monitor and manage changes in environmental conditions and labour issues anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s logistics that need to be tracked or machine settings viewed and adjusted remotely from anywhere, it’s all at your fingertips.  It also provides the tools to reflect on previously completed operations, ensuring today’s decisions are data driven from past performance.


More power, without more fuel use

X9 Combines have a new
John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6-litre engine, which delivers a 14% increase in power and an 11% increase in torque over the 13.5-litre engine. A high-pressure common rail system more efficiently injects fuel into the engine for additional fuel savings.

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Loaded with integrated technology

X9 Combines comes with a technology suite that keeps efficiency and productivity at the highest possible level. From data tools like John Deere Operations Center and JDLink™ Connect, to automation features like Combine Advisor,* to guidance options that range from an integrated receiver for hands-free steering to automated turns and tractor/grain cart control — the X9 delivers. 

*Only available with Ultimate Technology Package 

x9 cab

Comfort and visibility

The all-new harvesting cab offers more comfort and improved visibility. Available in three packages with two lighting options.


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John Deere Connected Support™

In the field the unexpected can happen, and when it does you need support fast. Distance is no longer a barrier with John Deere Connected Support. Exclusive to John Deere customers, you can be confident your dealer will be there to support you and your equipment when you need it most to maximise your uptime.


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Headers and Platforms

X9 Combines are engineered to create a perfect balance between front-end equipment and machine power, so together they deliver stable, consistent performance with every pass, even in tough conditions.

With a range of Corn Heads and Draper Platforms available and Belt Pickup Platforms to assist in smooth crop gathering and feeding performance you'll have what you need to optimise your harvest window.

GoHarvest App

GoHarvest App

Choose the model of your combine and the type of crop and receive suggested initial settings for the task at hand. Also features the ability to save notes and photos for reference in changing conditions.

Combine Parts in front of Combine

Harvesting Parts & Attachments

Find diagrams to help identify the part you need or view parts pricing and availability.

Agriculture Financing

Agriculture Financing

At John Deere Financial we're dedicated to helping you invest in the productivity and future growth of your farm. No matter what size or type of ag operation you have, you can count on John Deere Financial, season after season, in good times and otherwise.

*Operations Center mobile was formally known as MyOperations™.