NEW RELEASE   February 09, 2023

WA farmers achieve record harvest with ‘amazing’ X9 1000s

Crestmead, Queensland (9 February, 2023) — ANOTHER unprecedented harvest on Anameka Farms at Tammin, Western Australia has provided the perfect testing ground for the York family's two new John Deere X9 Harvesters, and they passed with flying colours.

It was the prospect of a second consecutive record crop that prompted Oscar York, his father Tony and uncle Simon to invest in the groundbreaking new machines through the AFGRI Equipment dealership at Cunderdin.

They didn't regret their decision.

"The new X9 Harvesters with their 50-foot hinged draper fronts were amazing, just in a league of their own," Oscar York said.

"It was challenging to manage the logistics when the two headers were harvesting 140 tonne per hour but we saved at least two weeks on harvest, which was huge.

"They're a great leap forward."

Ideal growing season

Throughout 2022, the Yorks sowed 11,500 ha of crop and 3,500 ha of sheep pasture for their self-replacing flock of 4,500 Merino ewes, and growing conditions were ideal.

They managed to dodge December's devastating hail storms that hit farms 40km away and harvested a total tonnage of just over 31,000 tonnes, with wheat and barley yielding just more than three tonnes per hectare, canola 1.4t/ha, lupins 2.1t/ha and peas 1.3t/ha.

The impact of the X9 Harvesters was instant, with the larger 15.2 metre (50ft) fronts, 630 max horsepower engine, 23% wider feederhouse, and 36% more cleaning area combining to deliver a significant boost in harvesting capacity compared with the Yorks' previous combines.

"When they arrived we took them straight into the canola and instantly noticed the huge difference in capacity. They operated at double the speed of our John Deere S680s, doing 9 to 10km/hr in canola and whizzing past the 680s doing four or five km/hr," Mr York said.

"In the cereals they were harvesting 50 to 70t/hr each no matter what the conditions, so that was exciting but meant we had to change the focus on logistics to trucks.

"We had three road trains with a capacity of 50 to 65t, and hired another as well, then brought an old truck out of retirement that pulled our seeding trailer and another one behind it. Dad was driving that full time and we still required contractor trucks to help out."

Mr York spent a few days on the headers but found himself fully engaged with managing logistics.

"With six trucks coming and going, three headers, two chasers, six field bins and between five and 10 other vehicles, it was a lot to coordinate," he said.

All round performer

When asked to identify the best feature on the X9 Harvesters, Mr York is unequivocal.

"Everything! We loved everything about them. The fuel economy is a lot better, the grain tank is bigger, the speed they can travel at and with the dual separators you can tell the harvester is working better.

"The hinge draper fronts were a huge step up, just the way they followed the contour meant it was a case of 'set and forget'. And because you weren't distracted by the fronts, you could look at speed and revs and push the header to maximum capacity," he explained.

"With the X9, you could be working it really hard but there was nothing out the back of the header, no losses. That was a huge improvement."

Mr York was also impressed by the comfort of the new bigger and quieter cab on the X9 Harvesters, with its swivel seat and screen on the arm rest.

"We had to fight to get a drive in it," he laughed.

And he wouldn't hesitate to recommend the new harvester.

"Absolutely. They're awesome, a huge leap forward and in another league compared to the ones we've had previously."

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