Why does Uniform Emergence and Residue Management matter?

View of a wheat field

It’s no secret that uniform emergence matters. So how do you get the most out of your fields every single season?

Close up of X9 Combine

It Starts at Harvest

Residue management is key to unlocking your best yield potential and weed control starts at harvest with the Redekop Seed Control Unit. Properly sizing and evenly distributing residue and ensuring consistent stubble height for winter moisture retention contribute to even crop emergence. Faster residue breakdown helps mineralise nutrients more quickly and get them back into the soil. If residue is not sufficiently distributed, heavy harrows are a great solution to evenly distribute residue post-harvest and high performance disks can mix and bury residue for faster breakdown.

Keep it going during seeding season

Placing seed and nutrients in the ideal location and distributing residue away from the furrow give you a strong start to the season. Air seeding technologies such as TruSet™ and the ProSeries™ Openers improve uniform emergence by controlling seed from air drills and air carts to box drills, it all includes the precision ag technology to help you maximise your productivity so you can seed smart with accuracy you can measure from the cab. Add RelativeFlow™ blockage and ActiveCal™ to the mix and trust your seed and nutrients are being accurately distributed.

Pull it all together with precision ag technologies

Using data to manage even emergence is easier with our displays, a StarFire™ Receiver and John Deere Operations Center™. Whether it’s reducing compaction through reduced passes or tracking every step of the process, the more you know about your fields, the more you can improve uniform emergence.

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