Scraper Special Tractors

image of dual scrapers attached to tractor on road

Move More with less effort and a similar investment


close up of monitor of the Efficiency Manager™

Efficiency Manager™

Your fuel savings will start adding up thanks to Efficiency Manager. This advanced feature automatically adjusts and matches the performance of the engine and transmission to maintain ground speed with the lowest RPMs to save fuel.


image of carry-all scraper in dusty field

Carry-Alls have a standard bucket with a straight-blade configuration. Heavy-duty cylinders rotate the bucket when unloading for super-fast cycle times and peak performance.

image of ejector scraper in dusty field

Ejectors are built with heavy-duty cylinders that push the rear wall forward to unload material. The fixed blade is visible from the cab for outstanding control in precision grading.

studio image of top of falling object protective structure on tractor

Fall-object Protection

The falling-object protective structure allows the 9R/9RT Series to be used on job sites requiring this equipment, such as when working in rocky areas.

man utilizing his cell phone sitting in his vehicle to check on his machines with John Deere JDLink.

JDLink™ Connectivity

With a JDLink connection™, your tractor will stream updates to your John Deere Operations Center account on how and where it's operating so you can better manage your operation, your machines, and your costs.

studio close up image of scraper special tractor tracks

9RT Scraper-Special Track Tractors

9RT Scraper-Special Track Tractors are the right choice for sandy and soft conditions. Extra-tough scraper-version track belts are constructed with an internal heavy-duty cable for improved resistance to puncture plus improved lateral belt strength.

studio image close up of hydraulic system on tractor

High-flow Hydraulics

High-performance scraper operations require increased hydraulic flow – and John Deere delivers. Our high-flow system features ¾-inch couplers that connect and disconnect under pressure and have a breakaway feature if problems arise.

axle flats for a John Deere tractor scraper.

Axle Flats

Integrated axle flats on 120-mm axles improve wheel attachment and reduce maintenance