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Features & Specs

  • Productive Seedbox capacities
  • Easy-to-read seed level indicator
  • Accurate fertiliser metering
  • Box drill acremeter
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Capacities Plain Grain 103.5 bu./ft.
Meters Type 10Fluted-feed

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    1590 Box Drills


    The 1590 No-Till Grain Drill provides accurate depth control, leading to improved germination, emergence, yield, and profits making it the perfect design for the grower who seeds in a variety of conditions - from conventional to conservation tillage.


    The 475 mm (18-in.) disk blades are mounted at a 7-degree angle for aggressive residue handling and furrow creation. Patented active hydraulics maintain penetration force consistently by allowing hydraulic cylinders to extend or retract in response to changing terrain.


    The 1590 comes in two box styles: the plain grain box, which is suited for the customer who desires to drill legumes such as soybeans that typically don't require fertilisation and the combination grain/fertiliser box suited for the customer who desires to drill cereals and grasses that require fertilisation.






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